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hi all would like 2 say a big thank u..4 all the dog is been plagued by ticks...he is 6 and never had any kind of mite hopefully ur home remedys will work...i hate usin chemicals but as i was stuck 4 cash i got bob martins treatment...aint done nothin...and after reading reviews think i will stick 2 natural remedys if they work...wish me luck...back in the old days im sure they treated such things successfully with out big companies praying on there wallets xx

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I also have a giant Ticks issue. They are in my yard, house, and my dog is covered.
I spend a few minutes pulling them off of her, but they just keep coming back. I'm seriously up to about $1000 between having yard sprayed, different flea & tick solutions, etc.
Have you found anything that works yet?


hi what did you used because i have the same problem now with our dog


i have this problem as well!
HELP, what are your suggestions?


I live in houston tx where ticks are very bad for animals as well as people and doesnt help i livein the country. My vet told me to give my dogs 1 garlic pill a day and it would keep the ticks from even biting them and has worked ever since as well as on us. She didnt say how many per lb its mainly 1 tab for med-large dogs for tiny dogs id try just 1/2 and see if that works


Do NOT feed your dog anything with garlic. I've read in previous comments on this webpage that it can kill your dog.


Hey! Not sure if you've noticed, but mineral oil will suffocate any fleas on them! I like to infuse mine with cloves and orange zest to prevent them from jumping on


can you all learned to speak?


I have given my dog fresh garlic about once a month and I guess he's still dying at eight yrs. But he weighs over 100lbs I would be careful with smaller breeds, he's a bull mastiff mix.


Artie I agree with you. I have boxer/lab mix. I give her fresh garlic bout once a month also. With the garlic and bathing she is flee free and about ready to celebrate her 15th birthday!!!

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