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I've had eczema since i was a baby. After having certain injections my skin got really bad. I am now 13 and as I hit puberty my eczema has got really bad. I've noticed that it always gets reallt bad in the winter and in the summer it gets slightly better. I have eczema on my wrists, face, neck, arms, elbows and some scars on my legs. I get fustrated because it really effects my life. I feel so ugly sometimes and scratch whe I get really hot. I think dieting helps eczema. However not mine or the diet i was on. i am willing to try the diet this website has suggested and see what it does. I've tried everything on my skin, creams, homeopothy, steroids, sea water, diets, just leaving even. My mum reckons its just puberty and the hormones, i agree but i also think its food, so as i said i'm going to try the diet again and see what happens.

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olivia i know how you feel. the diet should help. coconut oil is good for a moisturizer. any commercial moisturizer has too many toxins in them (mineral oil, petrolatem, ect.) your skin the largest organ on your body and very thin. toxins get absorbed by your skin and into your bloodstream thats when it starts creating problems. use natural soap and shampoos with the diet. if you read the comment section on the diet post there is a lot of supplemental info. the diet takes a little time. just be patient. if you have any questions i'll try to help. :)

Drink more water everyone!

I had eczema since birth and when I hit puberty it got really bad on my left pink and made its way right across to my other hand. It looked like I wore glove up to my knuckles. This lasted til my 20s with the severity varying but never ever gone. They ballooned up so bad one January I couldn't bend my fingers. Even my joints were in agonizing pain for days. I finally went to the doctor where he put me on prednisone saying not to stop taking it til the steroids ran out or it went away.

After that I went to an acupuncturist. I asked and she said I can't describe it in English but your hands are linked to your intestines and your skin on the outside is what the inside of that organ is like.

Immediately I thought amazing. All the years I was trying to band aid it but never finding the root cause. I looked up colon and intestinal natural cleanses. I picked one and for two weeks I ate no gluten, wheat , yeast , dairy, eggs, red meat, preservatives , sugar, alcohol, deep fried anything and I feel like I'm missing some. After two weeks my hands were the best I saw them since age 15.

I slowly introduced each different food back into my body and waited for reactions. Gluten and dairy after 4 days would cause a break out.

A year later I saw a naturopathic doctor and they said I was right but I forgot citrus. A year later I moved and stopped drinking alcohol once a week and it had been totally gone for a couple of years. I find any dehydrants will do it so I drink lots of water after my morning coffee or if I crack and want a dinner roll.
Definitely experiment with your diet. Everyone is different! Good luck!


My name is olivia and i'm 13 years old i have had since i was a baby and i get on it my face arms neck and legs i have tried everything and absolutley frustrated what can i do to hopefully stop it from spreading?


olivia what foods and drinks do you normally consume during the week? we will see if we can eliminate triggers :)


Olivia, the following worked for me just today most of which I learned from this site. My eczema was really bad yesterday and I always resist the urge to scratch it. I have eczema on my leg below my knee part of which was oozing this morning. Added 1 1/2 cups white vinegar to an almost full 5 gallon bucket of really warm water. Soaked my leg in the water for 30 minutes. After doing this, patted (not rubbed) it dry with a clean white towel, waited until my skin felt really dry to the touch, not moist. Then put a light coat of shea butter on it; any mild moisturizer like olive oil should work. Every once in a while since I did this a small spot starts to itch, I rub a little shea butter on it and spritz it lightly with straight white vinegar that I put in a small spray bottle, but a cotton ball would work. After the spritz, the part that was itching burns for a few minutes, then burning and itching goes away. It seems MUCH BETTER then it was this morning ands for the last few weeks; no oozing. Hopefully will stay under control.


Also Olivia, before soaking my eczema in the white vinegar water described above, I washed the area really good with heavily diluted castile soap which is a very mild soap made using olive and jojoba oils. I used Dr. Bonner's castile soap; put 3 ounces of the soap in a 16 ounce bottle, then filled the bottle the rest of the way with filtered water.


I know EXACTLY how you feel! I've just been fed up with my eczema since I have to wear long clothing and such so nobody at my school will big me or make fun of me cause of my eczema. I personally agree that once you hit puberty and your hormones start to go crazy as a effect of puberty, your eczema starts to get worse. Cause that's what happened to me. Stress seems to make things worse as well (I've noticed that recently I've been on edge from stress and my rashes have been EXTREMELY and uncontrollably itchy.

I personally think you should try bath salts instead of salt water. I heard salt water dries out your skin and that'll just make eczema worse. I've actually had to take an Epsom salt bath once due to an incident my mom refers to as 'drive way surfing' (not as fun as it sounds) and a while after the bath (maybe at least a day since that's how long it takes for my eczema to fully heal) the eczema was all better.


This is a follow-up to my other above comments made about using vinegar in water. Further Internet research shows that I likely had impetigo (a type of staph infection that crusts over and oozes) on my leg where I usually get eczema every winter. Cleaning every day with mild soap, spraying with undiluted white vinegar, letting it dry, then moisturizing with shea butter and/or olive oil continues to keep it in check and it is healing well on the third day since soaking as described above. When it itches, moisturizing, then spraying with undiluted white vinegar stops that in a few minutes.


Follow-up to my previous comments above. I stopped spraying straight vinegar on it because it started to irritate me. However, the initial vinegar soak described above did clear up the infection. Everything has continued to clear up since then by every day, cleaning the area 2 - 3 times a day with castile soap, patting dry with a clean white towel, putting tea tree oil on it and wrapping in cotton gauze.

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