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I have suffered from fever blisters since I can remember. The blister gives me a fat lip which is embarrassing. Yesterday when I felt the little bump, I applied Abreva and that's all cause I was out & and about, but when I came home, I applied ice & held it there for as long as I could stand it, and repeated the ice application until I went to bed. I applied more Abreva before bed. This morning my lip was a little swollen and the blister had come to a head. I sterilized a needle and popped it, gently applying pressure with a tissue so as not to get it on my hands or anywhere else. I applied Abreva and a couple hours later, the swelling was gone and my blister started scabbing over. Tonight (of same day) all I have is a tiny scab, and my lip doesn't hurt at all. I can't believe I got rid of it the next day after feeling it coming on. Hope this works for you! I've tried so many different methods, this is by far the best one for me.

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wow! I hope this works I have a full blown one that needs to be popped and prep for healing.... Thanks for the help... Cant do nuthin hard to drink eat tqalk at times...


I have a fever blister right now and reading this comment I'm hoping it works for me too.


Does this really work?


wow sound like it would work...thanks


This is exactly what happens to me. I started feeling the blister come on on Friday afternoon. As soon as i got home from work i started putting Abreva and Medicated blistex on the bump. Saturday morning came and i had a swollen lower right lip. Ive been still using the abreva and blistex as well as using a whole ice cube on my lip. Today is Sunday and swelling has gone down a bit. This is the only trick ive used...and i think it helps. No matter what they say...a fever blister will not go away in a day! I get fever blisters every year. Reading up on them..the virus will never go away


Yup.. This works miracles. :)

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