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Thanks to Love My Great Dane
For the Mange Recipe

My dog has suffered for so long
He has lost hair down his back & tail
He has scabs and sores, it is so sad
I tried your recipe tonight, but only
Used a 50/50 mix of baby oil & listerine

For the first time in a long time
He hasn't itched at all!
I'm gonna spray him down 2x a day
Until I start to see some improvement
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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I just want my happy dog back

I really hope this works


I have a Rottweiler dog 3 years old. I'm lost and don't know how to help him .. His eyes are loosing hair he's got a big patch of fur gone and its all scabby and chewed on the side of his leg. On the back of his legs by his elbows he's been scratching and now loosing hair there also .. I keep cleaning them and putting Vaseline everywhere but it's not working his ears are all scabby and dry he won't leave those alone either .. Will this baby oil and mouth wash help my baby boy out ?? . Any ideas on what I can do that is cheap . I'm a young mother and I'm lost and sad.( what can I do to help him ?


I am going to try this out right now, I will post my comments on how well it works...keeping my fingers crossed, my little girl (chow mix) is going crazy scratching and biting herself.

Stefani Pitbull Puppy

I have a pitt bull puppy about 2 months old & she was abandoned. I was able to heal her in every way but her skin. I'm pretty sure its mange. I feel so sorry for her. Can I use a substitute for Listerine? Like Crest? Or Scope? Please someone get back to me ASAP. I'm a stay at home mom with two young kids so getting out is hard! I see great potential in the puppy & hate see her get worse.


just mixed 1/2 cup of baby oil & 1/2 of Listerine. with a little bit of warm water & put it in a sprat bottle....sprayed of my dogs chest ....she has lost a majority of her hair around her chest & she has scabs & red bumps...she's very itchy...I saves her from a bad situation she's ok but her skin...I really hope this works!


I have an 8 week old shih tzu that I just paid alot of money for and they said she had fur mites n gave me a antibiotic it's not working I'm going yo try this.and hope it works keep.u.posted

Old Gal Sable

I have a dog that is 13 yrs old. She is losing her hair and her skin was flaky and red. I used 50/50 distilled water, listerine and rubbed her bald spots with cotton balls full of baby oil. Within three days her skin was better! I sprayed her down with the water and listerine in the morning and then again at night. I rubbed baby oil on her in the afternoon for one week. She is doing Great! I did bathe her real good first before I started the treatment. Now that its been a week, I will bathe her again, not do anymore treatment and see how she does. Her whole personality has improved! :) I am very pleased, I think it worked wonderfully! :) My dog does also! :)

Deidre Benjamin

Hi,please tell me if the listerine you guys are talking about is the listerine mouth wash?I'm from South Africa and im not sure about the abroad terms,please help me and my dog :-(


Is it a specific kind of mouth wash? Can i ise the mint kind or does it have to be regular?

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