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Thanks to Love My Great Dane
For the Mange Recipe

My dog has suffered for so long
He has lost hair down his back & tail
He has scabs and sores, it is so sad
I tried your recipe tonight, but only
Used a 50/50 mix of baby oil & listerine

For the first time in a long time
He hasn't itched at all!
I'm gonna spray him down 2x a day
Until I start to see some improvement
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Mayli Vasallo

THank you very much to everyone who posted the home remedy baby oil, listerine and water. I tried it and it worked magnificent on my labrador/german sheppard's skin. Within a week of using the mixture on a daily basis, Lola's skin had improved 85% and hair was growing back. THank you again!!!


Hey ima try this remedy tonight I hope it works my dog looks so bad I'll post an kno if it works for me


is it the listerine for mouthwash???


Do you mean the mouthwash?


yes is it the mouthwash??


Yes, it is just regular old listerine mouthwash. It's just the oroginal stuff. Nothing fancy added.

We used the 50/50 mix of baby oil and listerine (1/2 cup of each)for our lab/shepherd mix who's in really bad shape. He's about 1/3 bald with scaly clumps of fur and he's sooo itchy it's breaking my heart.

We just put it on 1/2 hour ago and Zack's sleeping at my feet (no scratching at all).

I will keep you posted on how it goes :)

Rachel Williams

Is this safe to use on a mama dog soon to have puppies??


Did this work? Sounds like the itching stopped but did the dog get better?


I used this treatment when the nu stock crap burned our eyes. The fumes are unbareable. The listerine really worked much faster and grew hair back faster too. The itch was the first relief, which came immediately. I used a spray bottle with warm water, not oil. I later applied oil to problem areas, of visible scapes which fell off, or I pealed away gentlely with eaze when the dried up a lot due to listerine and were easy to remove. Never dig the scabs off. As with humans, common sense, they could bleed and become infected due to exposed tissue. Keep spraying dogs down, gently till you see all areas are covered and regrown hair. Cotton balls for face, to protect the dogs eyes. It works. Keep at it. Nu stock is inhumane because the irratation to eyes is unbareable. Good luck all.


Do I need to RINSE him off at any point after put this stuff on

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