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I had pain for 6 wks in my right jaw area and assumed it was TMJ. Advil helped for a few weeks but as the pain increased the advil was becoming less effective. I put off going to my dentist, not wanting to trigger a worse TMJ episode from holding my mouth open during the exam. The pain finally got so bad that I couldn't touch that side of my face without triggering more pain and after a night of unbearable pain I knew it was more tham TMJ. Thankfully my dentist worked me for an emergency apt. when I told
them about my pain. I had an horribly infected molar and the infection was spreading! The infection was under an old filling that had cracked, allowing bacteria in, allowing the tooth to decay under it. It appeared perfectly
normal from the outside. It was fixed by a root canal, srapping out the infection and will soon will be capped. I'm retired and have no dental insurance but my dentists letting me pay for it in four payments. Infection is nothing to play with, especially so close to your brain. I retired from healthcare and know of cases of patients dying from infections that were ignored... And it can happen quickly once the infection gets out of hand! Please don't play with your life! Find a dentist who will work with you if you can't afford dental care. The pain I endured for weeks could have been eliminated if I had sought out professional care 6 weeks ago! Today I am pain free and taking antibiotics to clear the infection. Sooner or later you are going to have to have that tooth/teeth fixed or put up with the pain that
can be potentially life threatening.

By the way, I tried every remedy posted here in desperation for pain relief the night before I was seen by my dentist. The most I got was a few minutes of some relief, then the pain returned with a vengeance!

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