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I know alot of people might not have heard
about this but the easist thing to do is when you feel a fever blister comin up all u have to do is put VICKS chest rub on it and that will stop it right there and if u have one already just put it on rub it in and it will keep it from gettin any bigger

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I have been dealing with these things all my life and am very interested to see if the Vicks will help! I have the Flu( and got a flu shot in November, go figure!) and started to feel it rear its fugly HUGE head yesterday! I am putting on the vicks and praying it works!


Humm I'm gon try this yall thanks had an interview today might get hired hope its gon before then lol..

Charles B.

I've used every product on the market and the most success I've had to date is Abreva. It is so expensive and that really irritates me. People getting rich over other's suffering. I will try the Vicks Vapo Rub on my next cold sore and see if what you say actually works. I pray it does! I hate getting these things, they not only hurt like heck, but they are very unsightly as well. Thanks


Felt one coming in today. Just applied some right now, hopefully this works!


Iced it when I felt one coming on, afterwards I put the Vicks on, and after a day-was gone!!


Feeling the tingle. Going to get the Vicks chest rub right now. Hope it works. Will let y'all know

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