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I know alot of people might not have heard
about this but the easist thing to do is when you feel a fever blister comin up all u have to do is put VICKS chest rub on it and that will stop it right there and if u have one already just put it on rub it in and it will keep it from gettin any bigger

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I just now read this & figures with the reviews I'd give this a try. I just felt it coming on this morning & I'm getting married in 5 days!!! Wish me luck!! lol


Tried this on Sunday night, todau Tues, its almost gone!!


I tried this Friday when I posted and its Tuesday and almost gone here's to hoping its gone tomorrow. How many times a day is everyone putting Vicks on it?


Thanks for the post. Trying it now!!!




I have a large one that formed during the night on Thursday night. Friday morning I woke up and felt the tingling burning sensation on my lip, I did what I usually do - which is nothing.. Try to leave it alone and hope it'll be gone in 3 days like before - No luck! Today is Saturday and It not only firmed as I was dreading, it spread & gave me a fat lip! I use Vicks for a lot of different home remedies, I am definitely trying this now. Crossing my fingers, I hate these things, they always make me feel like a freak!!


Wow that vicks remedy work! thx dude, you are the shiiiiit...


I rarely get fever blisters but when I do I usually go buy Abreva && that little tube be costing me $18 bucks for a tube that's not even bigger than my pinky finger !!! Anyway I'm gonna try this. I've applied it & it's instantly tingling! *pray it works* thanks for the remedy so much :)) !!!


Every time I get a cold accompanied by a fever, I get a fever blister. Last night I felt one coming on. I don't really have the money right now to go out and buy Abreva, so I'm truly hoping that Vicks does the trick. I have a strong tingling sensation where I applied it. As soon as the sensation goes away, I'm going to reapply it. I have heard good things about this method. I work at a Courthouse, and see several important people each day, so I truly hope and pray this works. Thank you for your post and God Bless!


Using it now and I feel it tingling kinda feel like its leaking!!! I have a baby blister but hopefully this will make it go away

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