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I know alot of people might not have heard
about this but the easist thing to do is when you feel a fever blister comin up all u have to do is put VICKS chest rub on it and that will stop it right there and if u have one already just put it on rub it in and it will keep it from gettin any bigger

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this actually works!!! vicks helps dry it out!!!


Thanks for da advice it really did wrk I had one sunday and tuesday it was gone vicks do wrk


omg it does work thank you wish i knew that a long time ago


I have one now and I am trying your Vicks trick. How it works. Thanks.


Trying it now


trying it now... :)


Trying this now as well after 3 days of no luck and getting worse. I hope this does the trick.


Tried this last night after running out of Abreva and it was practically gone over night! Thank you for saving me $16 in the future, I will never buy Abreva again!! I just wish I would've known a lot sooner and I could've saved so much money. Thank you for this post!!!


Trying this right now with my fingers crossed! These things are VERY painful!


Trying it now I'm using the baby rub stuff cuz I don't have Vicks here's to hoping it works cuz I have an interview on Wednesday and I just want it gone. I use to b able to just use my mint lip balm when I feel it coming on and I'd put that on and next day it would b gone. But this morning it was looking like a fat lip. So I just put some of the vapor rub on it and it must b working cuz it's stinging. Lol. Here's to hoping its gone tomorrow or at least Sunday. Crossing fingers

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