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Ok so I have read tons and tons of remedies and nothing has worked for those ugly marks of mine, and probably yours too, but what I have found out is that a mix of all those remedies is working for me.. Now of course everyones body is different but if its working this quickly on me then it should work for you too, also I like to always keep in mind that their is a cure for everything, those people that tell you, stretch marks never fully go away or you cant do anything about them, I never think like that I beleive theirs a cure for everything it just may take time. Ok so What ive been using for the past 3 days, yes only 3 days, is Olay eye cream, right? haha eye cream! The skin tightening ones along with one from este lauder, also The sanctuary SPA covent garden body moisture spray, it has Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil and vitamin oil (all things that help stretch marks, next is Vaseline lotion with aloe in it, then I put on jergens shea butter lotion, and then lavender lotion (all in this order and Make sure to massage everyone in. I have only been puting this stuff on in the morning and at night..i dont see the need for any more times as all this stuff is gonna keep absorbing into your skin all day and night, I have only been using these for 3 days and have already noticed some GONE not faded but GONE. I was shocked to see it that early, now of course if you cant afford the eye creams im sure a mix of the lotions and the spray will still work, but I beleive you just need to use a mix of lotions and oils to really get deep into the skin and work. I really hope you guys will give this a try, Im going to be using this until I see full desired results and I will deffinetly post up my results.

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Hi, did you have white,red,or purple stretch marks?


Has anyone tried this?


Nice advice, but horrible spelling & use of grammar, No offense. I really suggest you reread what you type before you post it! xoxo.


Hey sorry I havent been on here at all since i wrote this, I found out I was pregnant and well yeah! I Had white ones, not new at all, lol I had them since I was about 16 im 20 now.. and Im not on here to be a grammar fanatic (obviously, so dont see why that matters.) And also what I started doing too was exfoliating in the shower with just the gloves you can get or w.e else to exfoliate with should work, and applied olive oil with everything else too, and let me tell you it seems to me my stretch marks are gone, I dont know if they can say that scientifically but to me they are gone, not just faded. Good luck ladies. :)


Do you mix them or put them on in that order?


Hey...I had my daughter 1 month ago.n very ugly looking stretch marks not only on belly but also on my navel even more above then navel.I m not happy with I am n Indian so I have to were saree.n they are visible above my is disgusting.plz help me to remove them.I have olay eye cream but I didn't got the spray and easte tell me will this remedy still work....plzzzz rpl soon


how much is olay eye cream? tnx, i'm sorry i'm from philippines.

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