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ive had herpes for a few years now. started out with type 1. did oral on my bf one night and he accused me of giving it to him. i went got tested and didnt have it. he got tested and didnt have it. said it was just a bump. i believed him. so we got back together. he had been cheating and didnt wanna get caught, lied about getting tested. i trusted him too much. so then next thing i know. ive got type 1 and gh. great right? even worse, after a couple months i noticed dry patches of skin on my body that would not hydrate no matter how much lotion i put on it. i went to a doctor to see what i needed to do cuz the dry patches kept getting bigger and worse. bam. eczema. then i started noticing blisters on my fingers. the breakouts dont hurt cuz they are very small, theyre just a pain in the butt. does anyone have any ideas as to how to prevent the eczema and hand blisters? im tired of doctors and their bright ideas... i want to try other options.

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Same thing here dry patches like crazy in the winter. Doctors said the same, tried every soap lotion cream with no results. Sorry no help good luck.


Black seed oil (or currant oil) and/or tea tree oil applied directly...or coconut oil, pure unrefined virgin, applied directly will help with your problem....also Apple cider vinegar, Bragg's is the best, applied with a cotton ball, several times throughout the either/or a combination for one week and you will see a difference.


I had EZ a while ago, doc game me pills they went away with in a week.

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