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hi i'm 17 and i've had stretch marks since i was 14.. i tried every possible remedy but none of them worked,but after doing massive researche online ,i found the one thing that workes!!skin needling!look thins on google and do your homework!!so i got my dermaroller and now i have not a single stretch mark!when i discovered this i knew i had to share this with as many people as possible ,so here i am!good luck ladies !

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girl i wanna thank the lord for you


How long have you been doing it for before they were gone?


i used it 2 days and used some sort of lotion like vitamin e or whatever else you use and they are almost completely gone and were purple and gross


what brand did you get. Ive never heard of this until now.


What is that ?


Hi when u say it went gross did it stay like that or did it go back to your normal skin tone?

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