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Hi there! I'm 19 years old and was infected with GH 3 months ago. During those three months I have had three OB. First one was as painful as many others describe, the second one wasn't bad at all, most likely because I started taking Flamvor (sp) as soon as I sensed an OB coming alone. The third one, however it came so quickly I didn't notice any symptoms, no that's the infection is in full swing I am in more pain then the first out break which I always read rarely happens. The first OB I have maybe one area that was infected - now I have over 3 areas that are infected. I have googled home remedies that mention the use of
Corn stretch in the form of baby powder - which I didn't find worked very week. I am EXTREMELY itchy. Like so itchy it's hard to function with my daily activities. I need help - I need guidance. Please let me know of anything

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AS SOON AS YOU FEEL IT COMING ON, wash with soap & water, pat dry. DO NOT USE CLOROX or any weird stuff. once dry, use an anti-itch cream on any external itchy area.
the more you mess with it the worse it gets. just keep it clean, dry, apply the anti-itch, I use the
generic Walgreens cream (hydrocortisone 1%).
DO NOT SCRATCH THAT MAKES IT MUCH WORSE. the cream takes the itch away, makes you much more comfortable, and therefore helps
it clear up much faster. most of the time it doesn't even come to be a full blown attack.


I find that SM-33 teething gel (it's Australian, but there is sure to be something like it wherever you are) works beautifully for stopping the itching. It works as an anaesthetic and antiseptic, and gets rid of the lesions usually quite quickly. When I first tried it I figured it can be used in the mouth, why not...I was just trying to get rid of the dreadful itch.

I sympathise, herpes stinks, take care.

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