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CR from VA

Cool Mint Listerine is the wonder cure. After days of suffering with dozens of chigger bites, my hubby was miserable. I got the biggest bottle of Cool Mint Listerine I could find and doused him. The itching, which had gone on for days, stopped immediately! Within an hour the welts had 2 hours they were just small bumps and obviously healing. I doused him again after 6 hours and he is now sleeping like a baby. It's the eucalyptus and menthol that make the difference so get only the Cool Mint flavor and apply liberally. It will leave a faint blue residue but that is essential for healing and for ensuring they do not continue to bite. Thank you to everyone who suggested Cool Mint Listerine!! If you are suffering, please give it a try.

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I have high hopes for the listerine. This has to be the 4th or 5th time in as many months that the lil suckers have chewed me to pieces-i spend a lot of time in the woods and fields. I have tried multiple different ways to get rid of them from benadryl to bleach to adams flea shampoo. All of which worked a little but the last two also have warnings not to put them on your skin. Decided to give something intended for human interaction since this time I am dealing with some more 'sensitive' areas.


Bull crap hun.


My boyfriend tried ur idea and thank goodness it's working!!!!!!! Finally he's getting some relief!!! Thank you


Used the cool mint listerine with baking soda. Mixed them into a paste. Placed it on the bites and used a hair drier to dry the mix. Left it on for an hour or so themn washed the area. Even purposefully skipped several bites to test the effectiveness. Great relief. Able to sleep again. May not be a miracle cure but sure does more than anything else I've used.

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