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I have HSV - 1 and have contracted it from the love of my life. He has the oral 'cold sore' and through oral sex, has given me GH. I've been tested over and over but it is the HSV-1 strand. We had been dating for several months and had been very safe when it came to sex. He never told me he had cold sores, so when I had my first outbreak I was horrified. I didn't know where it came from. When I told him he was completely supportive. He then informed me that he had cold sores and never thought anything of it. We have had numerous conversations about this since...
My first outbreak was the most horrific experience. I am a physically active person and my job dictates that I am extremely physical. I had to take valium in order to get through my work day during my first outbreak. I took Acyclovir, took L-Lysine, blew a fan on it (HUGE HELP), and prayed to God that I didn't need to use the bathroom. I cried every time I peed.
I find that a low stress lifestyle, healthy habits, and regularly taking Lysine helps reduce outbreaks. I'm still with my boyfriend and it's been 3 years now. In these three years, I have had 3 maybe 4 outbreaks and am currently experiencing one right now. (Unfortunately my new job is a high stress job and I have experienced multiple deaths in the family in the past month - it doesn't matter how low stress your life is, with a month like this, it's bound to happen.)
I will say, something very interesting about this outbreak - my lower SPINE really started paining me yesterday, to the point where I really needed to watch how I was moving - a very RARE symptom that I never experience regularly. I read that the virus resides in your lower spine and it could be coincidence, or my body just informing me, but this morning - OB. I have swabbed the area with Tea Tree Oil - LOVE THAT! Keep it clean, wear fresh cotton panties and keep it DRY!!
I pray that everyone that goes through this finds peace with themselves. It is something that I still struggle with and am trying to cope with.

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im so overjoyed i read this. the same thing happenef to me. my bf had a cold sore on his lip, gave me oral sex and i contracted herpes. ive only had three bad obs in the past yr of having it and this third one is bad. i feel really confused because its crazy how a non sexual common cold sore can label me as a slut or whatever bc now i have genital herpes i got when i was being faithful any thing less of a whore. what exactly is lysine? or whatever?


i also wanted to sshare i have the same lower back soreness and pain. :/


I contracted hsv1 5 years ago from the same thing. I was dating a guy who had common cold sores. We were drinking one night and I drank too much and blacked out. Not realizing that you could get out that way. Well now 22, I've only had 2 ob. (Thank God) but this has really helped me get over my fear of having it. It has ruined every relationship I have been in. But I now know there is hope. And I know how to resolve future ob

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