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Mojo Jojo

Put Salt on a lEMON SLICE and hold it on the sore for about 10 minutes. Will be gone immidiatly or the next morning. ;)

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the pain is ridiculous, although i feel alot better. held it for more than 15 seconds




realy its awesome cure.


Thanks. It really worked!


That is bad, for 10 min????


You WILL see stars. Literally. The pain makes you feel like fainting but in 12 hours the sore is gone.


Thanks, worked so far. Not sure yet is results temporary or long term. However, I am certainly happy and pain free now!


I just tried this and I think I did nothing more than piss it off!!! Now it hurts more! hope it goes away in 12 hours


It really works though it is painfull in first few seconds, but after 10 minutes sore gone. Thanks for this usefull tip


My husband gets the sores after chemo.
He was desperate for the pain of the sores to go away, so he tried this... Wow, this really burns like an sob he says!!!
God I hope this really helps him!!!

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