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I am 16 years old and i have had anxiety/panic attacks for about a year and a half. It mostly happens during thunderstorms, whenever someone yells at me in a way that upsets me, and when i know something bad is going to happen. The only way i know how to control is is to block out all background noise i will usually put in my ear phones and have music playing really loud or a movie. But i notice it takes a long time to relax. I have been looking everywhere for home treatments but i haven't found anything that works. Some of the things i have tried include; trying to distract myself, saint johns wart, and meditating. But i still find myself in a situation where my hearts beats fast, i cant breathe, i feel like im gonna throw up,and sometime to the point i shake. I also have IBS so whenever i get into a panic attack i have to make sure im close to a bathroom. If you have any other ways to help me please let me know.

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Good evening sir, i will start by saying that you are not alone and that you have taken a big step toward dealing with this disorder. I currently suffer from the same thing and want to share with you/everyone what works for me. I will just list them. I bought a small vial of liquid b-12 that i take orally, it supports nervous system health and its a vitamin. I also make sure to get plenty of potassium daily, i usually buy the trop 50 orange juice with 50% less sugar, i also take a daily multi vitamin, . I am not a doctor, and i am just explaining what seems to work to me, if i find im.still having panic i was prescribed 0.5mg of ativa. And since i taking medications i only if the panic attack is really bad and.i cantcant get ahold of myself with breathing exercises. Stay strong bro, we will all get through this, im a man of faith and a believer so prayer changes things hope you get better man


You IBS that can make your situation worse. What you can try is to clean your colon(colon cleancing.You can do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. I do it myself once aweek and my IBS is gone. You can get a kit that women use for cleaning they vagina. Fill the bag with warm water, add some coffee to it to total amount of 1000mg. Insert the end of the tube in your rectum about 3'and release the water from the back untill the bag is empty. Hold it for 15 minutes and poop out untill your stomac is empty.
Good luck! You have to pay about $100 to $200 for someone to do it for you.

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