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Like most of the people on this website, my RLS is a pretty intense. I tried some of the home remedy posted and they have some good tips but nothing really works for me. The only relief I found was here on this form called privic its the closest thing that I can find to an all natural topical application. Its smells kinda intense but i have learned to love the mint and sweet birch. Does anyone have any information on topical remedies? I really love my privic , but want to explore more options.

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Natalie- I too have had RLS for most of my life. I am 48 and from what I recall it started around 10. My g-parents used to call it 'tweedles'.whatever. I have tried different meds including requip which more problems than it was worth. (the requip loweres blood pressure and I spent many times in hospital via ambulance b/c in lost consciousness.I had an ICD put in b/c MANY tests led diff docs to believe it was heart related)
I have not yet tried any natural remedies but am willing to try.

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