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I suffer dearly from the reaction of the poison ivy oil - the reaction usually appears in 24 hours (most peopel 3 days)and left untreated will take about a week to clear up.
I do want to clarify that scratching the blisters does NOT spread poison ivy, the breakout is caused from where the oil attached to the skin. It seems to spread because it takes time for each skin cell to react.

any soap will work to remove the oil if done so within 20 minutes of exposure - but be sure to wash everything that was exposed (shoes, clothes, toys, etc). The toxic has no shelf life - it stays toxic for YEARS even after the plant is dead.

for a quick rememdy from the itching - I tried clear nail polish - it was a tad uncomfortable to start - but did give a quick sense of relief from the itching.

Ivyblock is a great product to use if you know you are going to be exposed - it allows you about 2 hours before the toxins will attach to the skin.

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Did you use nail polish on a large affected area? I have a wide spread patch on my bicep and a few spots on forearm... Can't take Benadryl and the anti-itch cream I have is only making it more itchy!!

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