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I waited to leave a remedy because I wanted to make sure the ringworm was completely cured. And since it is, here is my story:

About 3 weeks ago I first noticed a spot on my inner left forearm. I also found a similar spot on my right thigh. I did not take any action because I had no idea that it was contagious.

After a few days, I asked a nurse friend what it was, and she immediately identified it as ringworm. (This was also confirmed by others who had had ringworm in the past.) She advised me to use Lotrimin for a few weeks. I immediately bought some, and used it for 4 days, without any visible results (though more time and applications may have brought success...I don't know). Worse yet, I developed many more ringworm spots...a total of about 25! (Perhaps from re-using my towel more than once?) I used the entire tube (twice daily application) in the 4 days. I was becoming a little nervous, and considered going to a doctor for an oral prescription, but decided to do a little research first.

After finding this site, I decided to try the clear nail polish remedy. IT WORKED!!! I could see the nail polish started having an effect within 24 hours, so I decided to keep using it. I kept the spots coated 24 hours a day, only reapplying if the cheap nail polish started to flake off. I used the nail polish for just 3 days, and put in on my one spot on my forearm for a 4th day just to keep from potentially infecting others. I applied it generously, and covered an extra half inch around each spot to be sure. I generally reapplied it after showering, on clean and very dry skin. I also simply used the nail polish applicator, instead of using a new Q-tip for each spot.

Please note: I DID NOT HAVE ANY BROKEN SKIN so the nail polish did not cause any discomfort. I do not recommend using it if you have broken skin. I did not use nail polish remover because it wasn't necessary with the cheap nail polish, which simply flaked off.

The additional advantage is that with the coverage of the nail polish, the ringworm was not likely contagious. My husband did not get any ringworm because of the nail polish coverage, and he had every reason to be infected due to regular contact.

It is now 3 weeks on, and my skin is clear and healthy, and has been for over 2 weeks. I hope you also have success in using this method of ringworm treatment. :)

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do you think it would be safe on a cat?


Do I need to remove it or I just need to reapply the nail polish please hep.


do you cover the spot after you apply the nail polish??


My baby is 3 months old do u think nail polish will burn his skin or irritate it ?


My Hairless cat brought it home (to all of us :( from a cat show. I was going to try the nail polish remedy on her. I've been using Intrafungol & topical fungal shampoo's. Couldn't hurt to try it on her.

a cat will try and lick the nail polish off. i would never use it on a cat or dog.

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