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On average I get poison ivy so bad that I go to the Dr. about 4-5 times a year. This time I decided to test most of the remedies because I had it all over my body.I tried toothpaste(colgate), soft scrub, vinegar & salt, spray starch, just to name a few.I finally got relief with this remedy.Take a bottle cap & scratch your poison ivy.Then take a mixture of salt,baking soda,white vinegar and make a paste and apply.This will sting and burn a lot.Use hair dryer on areas as hot as you can stand for 2-3 mins.each area.Let set for about 30 mins. then rinse off with your own urine.After rinsing apply urine on affected areas and air dry.Itching went away immediately and I finally was able to sleep after 2 sleepless nights.This is the next day after treatment and all I have had to do is apply urine on areas a couple more times.Almost gone already.I hope this will help someone.I have never had any success with store bought remedies and I will not be going to Dr. this time around.(Labor Day weekend)

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Urine cures athletes foot, maybe it will work on poison ivy too.


your urinester is sterile, its an old cure all from ear ache,to cure atete's foot, to stop the pain when a sting of a jelly fish

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