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I suffered for years with BV. My doctor prescribed Metro-gel and Flagyl numerous times and as soon as I would be done with the treatment, my symptoms would come back. I've been with only my husband for 12 years so it's not because of multiple partners. I tried a few home remedies but what changed my life was RePhresh vaginal gel and the probiotics they offer as well. The probiotics are a special strain specifically for the vagina. I bought the gel and probiotics at Walmart. The gel is around $15 for 4 applicators. I don't remember how much the probiotics are. Since your vaginal Ph tends to fluctuate during your period I always use it after the last day of my period, so just once a month even though it says it only lasts 3 days. Since I started doing this and my husband and I quit using condoms I've not had a recurrence with BV in over a year, I used to have in non stop for years. I cried my eyes out for so many years, mortified that I always smelled horrible and had nasty discharge. I'm a very clean person, hygiene is very important to me but this infection wouldn't stay gone. The problem is that the prescription meds your dr gives you kills the good bacteria as well as the bad causing recurring problems. The probiotics keep the good bacteria there and the RePhresh gel balances your vaginal Ph. It's a win win. I'm not a spokesperson or salesman for these products but it's what worked for me and if I can help another woman who has struggled with the same problem then so be it.

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I too have had problems for roughly 2 yrs now. I have been faithfully using the RePhresh gel and douch set. It works wonders on its own, however the probiotics helps for reaccurance. If any women is suffering with BV def try this product.


Thank you!


so is the probiotics good or bad


What is the vaginal orobiotic called?


so can i get the probiotics at walmart to


Do u take douche and gel while u have bv or after u took meds to get rid of it

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