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First let me just say I love you guys! I found people who understand my pain and sympathize with me. Just wanted to calm peoples fears cause y'all had me totally freaked out to try direct salt on the sore. (I had already been swishing with high concentrated salt water which is painful) Honestly, the pain is bearable. It is not as bad as it sounds. It does hurt but it goes away fast - less than 20 secs. Mine is way back next to a wisdom tooth, I got it after dental work. Every time I move my mouth, teeth hit it so it hurts bad. We looked at the sore before the salt, my husband poured salt on it, more than needed. Then we looked at it after and you can see a visible difference. I have had this thing a week, the size of a blueberry, and don't expect it to go away overnight but I think it is going to help. Already the salt swishes have done some good. To all who share my pain - I feel ya! Try the salt, it's not as bad as it seems.

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I use baking soda I apply it with my pinky and it helps me to get rid of my canker sore

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