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Heyyyy!! Well, I've had acne since I was nine. 😓 I hate it!! I use clearasil, and proactive. Clearasil is poo proactive works good for me! But proactive is really expensive so I have found a new remedy: TOOTHPASTE!! U take the toothpaste, rub it all over the effected areas, let it dry, then sleep with it! It works for mee and will take down the zits by morning!!

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I totally agree with toothpaste. Tooth paste works great. but never and I repeat never put a mint flavored toothpaste for ache under ur eyes and next to your nose. You eyes with water and wont stop. Use a regular flavor toothpaste. I use ' Colgate total -great regular flavor-'


Agh agreed. I tried mint toothpaste and almost cried. It felt horrible. I immediately washed it off. It burns soooo bad....I dont have anything but mint toothpaste but oh well. Imma have to woman up. I'll take in the pain just to get rid of this disgusting acne on my face.


I actually am trying toothpaste tonight...I hope it works!!I hate acne so much expecially when it gets really red!!!:(I hope it works....


Im going to try it tonight(: Hope it works!!!


I wonder if baking soda and peroxide toothpaste would be better or worse. I am going to try it. Thanks for info!


omg i used that once and it was suprisingly really good. i tried clearasil and all it did was create redness in my skin so i stopped using it. i havent tried proactive but im a teen and i experience a lot of... well acne :)


Toothpaste only works because of the sulphur in it which burns your skin. You should avoid this except on the occasional zit.


I used the tooth paste and have been using it for about a year for the once in a while zit.... works great!!


Be careful with the toothpaste!! It worked wonders for me many times, but one time I used it overnight and my face stung like crazy - way longer than usual , I decided to ignore it and in the morning when I woke up I realized I'd burnt my skin off and had to deal with the nastiest, ugliest looking scars for Atleast a week! Take my advice and don't make the same mistake as me!


Yes, be very very careful about putting toothpaste on your face- it can actually burn off your skin and cause dry, peeling skin. It may seem to work but it can cause damage to your skin in the long run. I suggest looking for a more natural remedy!

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