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Hey guys. i know that this shit are so crazy and alot of people getting more crazy about it. remember it's just a extra skin need to be removed. nothing more.

Use ACV with a cotton ball or toilet paper and let it on the wart all the night.
use tape or plastic cover if you a man around the penis let the paper cover all the penis it will burn but get over it or live with the warts. use it 3 or 4 days and it will work.

Ladies can use ear sticks over the wart and keep scratchig it with the stick a little at the 1st time because u need to let the skin suck the ACV.

if the stick dry resoak it with acv and press deep hard on the wart like forcing it down. you gotta reach the burn level and that's what u need to kill that shit.

if u want advance way if u can handle it.pull it up then use a tweezer hard from the sides as if u closing the blood for many minuets. be ready with blood stop plaster if u needed you can remove it easy.if u want to do it without blood. warm the tweezer and just squeez it like u closing it, it will be so thin and sharp dry skin but don't remove it let it fall by it self. it will never come again.
after the skin heal it will be pink u can use ACV as protection after,and remember that the skin will take time to turn as the same color as before.
i always tweez my warts when it's small or when i see spots.

Don't warry about warts it will go away by it self from ur body. just deal with it with confidence. this bulshit mean nothing just ignore it. trust ur self it will gone. no matter what. it's a matter of time.

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what is ACV ??


Apple cider vinegar


Thank you for the encouraging words. I felt so horrible. Like my sex life was over because of da cheating bastard that did this. But I keep faith in da Lord. Encouragement helps too. :-)


The HPV that causes genital warts can lay dormant in your body for months or years, you can't be sure who gave it to you, the 'cheating bastard' or whoever


What about warts inside the vagina?do they go away too?


You encouraged me so much. I just got some anal warts and have been so depressed and not wanting to deal with life. I was sexually assaulted and this came of it. You just gave me a boost to not end life, but try things that may work. Tonight is my first attempt with ACV and I'm praying it will work - I can deal with any physical pain... just help me rid myself of this. Thanks girl.


Yes sonia they can be treated. My younger sis had some, we r quite close to each other so she discussed it and we found the way. She doesnt have them nymore. I mightnot be able to see ur reple so u can talk to me on my id
Good luck


I have been dealing with gw for 26 years. I have tried every treatment from ACV to surgical removal. They always come back. I do not have any other STD's but I do have a problem with boils on my inner thigh. About 3 times a year, I get a boil down there and it lasts for about ten days. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

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