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I am 53 and have had restless leg syndrome (RLS) all my life. It does not disturb my sleep and any discomfort is minimal. I would automatically shake my legs during the day when the discomfort arose. For me I do not believe diet or exercise is a factor. I have found no such combination to help. Besides RLS I would say I am in excellent health. I only found out their was a name for my discomfort about 5 years ago. Since I always had this problem it was just part of my life. During the evening the discomfort would be worse, but moving my legs would make it better. I would often sleep without a pillow as that relieved the discomfort but it was not always necessary. As time went on the problem appears to be worse but still something I could live with since my sleep was not disturbed in anyway. I live outside the U.S. and while visiting a doctor I told him of my problem and without any testing he gave me dihydroergotoxine, 4.5 mg per day. I was not expecting any good results from this, but within a day or two I did not have the sensation to move my legs during the day hours at all. Late in the evening when I am on the coach or desk I would feel a little discomfort but much less than before. I would say this drug improved my situation by 90% and I have been on it for 9 months. I did some reading on this drug after being given the prescription and there was not much regarding its use for RLS, but there was on study that helped where the participants received 10 to 40mg. I noticed when I took a higher dose of up to 12mg there was no improvement for me. So the 4.5 mg is working fine. Now that I am so close to being 100 percent better I may look for some other options to get there, but I can't really complain and such a solution is now not a priority. Here is what one study said: open pilot study with the dopamine agonist alpha-dihydroergocryptine (DHEC) was conducted in 16 patients with idiopathic restless legs syndrome (RLS) over a period of 5 weeks. Following a drug-free interval of 1 week, the patients were treated with daily doses of 10 to 40 mg DHEC. As compared to baseline values, treatment led to a statistically significant reduction of subjective RLS symptoms. Overall complaints at night decreased significantly by 63.9 +/- 38.1% as measured by a visual analogue scale. Detailed evaluation of sensory discomfort, motor restlessness, involuntary movements, as well as sleep quality also showed significant improvement. Side effects were mostly mild and affected mainly the gastrointestinal tract. Five patients needed domperidone for treatment of concomitant nausea. One patient stopped the study due to nausea. In conclusion, the results of this open study suggest a role for DHEC in the treatment of RLS. Hopes this helps someone.

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OK - This post deserves either a 1 or a 10. On the one hand you are rejecting the superstitious, mysticcal causes for RLS like full moons, tension, foods etc. You are also not advocating the placebos like bars of soap, mustard, magnets, ace bandages, Vicks-Vapo Rub, and so forth.

On the other hand, you state that it caused you minimal discomfort and did not effect your sleep. Why even mention it to the doctor? Better yet, you tell the doctor that you have this condition that really does not hurt and you lose no sleep over it, why did the doctor prescribe ANYTHING fot it?

RLS is caused by dopamine deficiency. If the definition of a home remedy is something that you can do without a prescription, there is no home remedy for RLS. People on this site find relief with home remedies because placebos work for about 30% of the people that use them.

So for the fact that you mentioned dopamine and you did advocate a prescription drug and you did not tell people to mix a bar of soap with mustard, weight it down with magnets, brew it in sunflower seed oil, throw in an ace bandage, I will go with a 10.


I wish that I had a condition that caused minimal discomfort amd did not effect my sleep - that is called ummm, what's the word I am looking for? IT'S CALLED BEING HEALTHY!


So your company sells this DHEC stuff. right?


“On the other hand, you state that it caused you minimal discomfort and did not effect your sleep. Why even mention it to the doctor? Better yet, you tell the doctor that you have this condition that really does not hurt and you lose no sleep over it, why did the doctor prescribe ANYTHING fot it?”

Jeff, I did not know I was not allowed to improve a discomfort because it did not meet a certain pain threshold. I mentioned it to the doctor because I wanted to eliminate this annoyance. During the day hours I would automatically shake by legs vigorously and frequently, and even would have to do so while standing. During the evenings it would get worse and I would be more aware that I am shaking my legs to hold off the discomfort, if I tried not to shake my leg it would eventually kick on its own and the weird feeling in my leg would make it unbearable not to move it. If I am using a pillow in bed I found it difficult to sleep with my head raised above my feet. By sleeping flat the discomfort would go away and allow me to sleep. Once a sleep I would never have any problems. Obviously others have it worse than me which is why my dose is much smaller than in the study. Where I live (outside of the U.S.) very few drugs require prescriptions and this does not. On my health plan dihydroergotoxine cost me less than 2 dollars a month without my health plan I can buy it for less than 4 dollars a month. I am about 90$ better, yet I can always feels some type of vibration in my legs unlike my arms which have no sensation on their own. Now at least the vibration is so minimal that it creates no shaking movements on my part. Being so close to perfect makes me wonder what I can do to completely remove the problem. I thought a higher dose would do the trick, but noticed no difference from taking a higher dose.

As for the second comment, yes I considered myself healthy before, and more so now.

As for the last comment, yes the company I work for sells DHEC, there would of course be no other reason for me to mention this. You are the smart one for figuring this out.

The best thing for the last two of you to do is to stay grumpy and pessimistic and don’t research if this could be an option for you. That way you can always hold the higher ground that you are much worse off than me and are not one to be taken advantage of. Sleep well, oh I forgot you can’t.


Ethically, I think the fact that you are shilling this pruduct for your company should have been mentioned in the first sentence.


I am not selling this product, are you selling this product? There was no basis for you to say that I do, and then you don’t follow the sarcasm that followed which tells you I don't.


I appreciate your comment. I have been trying everything. I am going to ask my doctor to try me on this. What can it really hurt? I have polluted my body with every chemical alot worse than this....if it works, I will be the first to let you know. Once again I appreciate you informing us people who have this RLS so severe it runs our lives. My life has change dramatically since I started feeling the effects. It started when I was 47 and now at 50 I havent gotten any better except for less money from all the test and drugs....thank you


This is the most bizarre post in the 24 pages of this site. From the original post that reads like the extract from the clinical study in which Jamie really has no discomfort through Jamie's second post in which he suddenly does have discomfort and admits that his company does sell this stuff. When it is pointed out that this is unethical, that statement was 'sarcasm'. Then we have Toddt's stilted, very unnatural response. Very bizarre.


I was just basing my comment on the original statement. Nothing bizarre about it. Its worth a try to see if it will relieve my RLS.

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