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I am pretty sure I have genital herpes. I went to a free clinic and they told me I had it. I got a swab test but my results came out negative... I am going back next week to get blood test done. But, anyways with my first outbreak it sucked! I screamed and cried while peeing it was unbearable. Something that helped me extremely well was drink baking soda it makes your urine less acidic and more basic only drink it once a day or it will make it worse take one cup of water and 1/2 a tsp of baking soda. IT REALLY DOES WORK! After I would pee I would sit in a warm bath. This helps ease the pain and take away the itching. Do not itch it! It is hard not to do but it will make it worse and make it burn. I hope this helps some people! I am just looking on the bright side. Everything happens for a reason. If a guy really loves me he won't care if I have herpes or not. Stay positive and stay safe. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

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I got diagnosed in 2000 I was 21. I contracted it at college never had intercourse but oral sex twice. I thought I would never find anybody to love or marry me. I met a guy (1st partner) told him that one day I had something to tell him. Before I could explain he forcefully took it one day and was mad at me later when I told him about my 'situation'. The third partner I told him well before we were intimate he said he did not care and he fell in love with me, never brought it up again or threw in my face. We dated for 8 years knew for 10 years all together we were to get married but I called it off as it was the best thing for us. The fourth partner I told him and he said he had dated a girl with it in the past. He said is that what you wanted to tell me is that why we had not had sex yet? Then he said lets do it I said no and he took it. Now months later I am being told that he announced to his friends and family that I had herpes and he would not have dared slept with me. When he should be glad that he is not serving time for rape. Said all that to say yes you can find love but be wise and really get to know and trust a guy before you tell him about your 'situation'. A guy that talks a lot and tells other people business detailed will tell yours too. Now I am 32 and am back at square 1 going to get tested soon and hating to get a new partner and have to explain this all over again. It is hard enough telling people I hate this disease and have regret everyday.

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