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Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's, raw, unfiltered) has cured moat of my health issues for several years, from kidney infections to flu. But it is AWFUL tasting. So, I found a way around the taste by drinking the ACV + water (nothing else) with a 'bendy' straw. the bendable straw is important because it allows you to place the opening all the way to the back of your mouth, almost down your throat!. This prevents the bitter drink from even touching your tongue. It just goes down your throat. MUCH easier to take.

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If you mix apple cider vinegar with honey it takes a lot of the unpleasant taste away :)


I did the vinigar thing w honey n my toes swelled up and I got fever massive pain when I urinated. back pain horridly bad. apparently my kidneys could not filter the vinigar and that's why it was so unbearable to pee. so sounds like this is not great for people with weak kidneys.


I agree, try it with just a tad bit of honey. Be careful though as to which brand of honey you buy. I find the best honey at farmers markets or if you're lucky, right from the bee farmer. Honey is extremely good for your body, though when you're sick, you need to be extra careful about your sugar intake, even it its positive sugars. Thanks for the tip about the vinegar!

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