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I started with a terrible toothache. I cant find a dentist that takes my insurance, so i was desperate. I tried brushing my teeth, using Listerine, even gargeling with rum. All this worked for a while then the toothache came back. Then I read try putting garlic in your gums, thats where my pain is actually. Well we dont have fresh garlic, so I found our garlic powder, i added some water and made a paste, and i put it on my gums and held it there for about 10 mins. It works, the pain is almost gone. I am going to try this several times a day to see if i can get rid of the bacteria that is making my gums hurt. I read that garlic is a natural remedy to get rid of the bacteria that makes us have toothaches, wish me luck! I hope this helps you too.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've had a terrible toothache for 3 days now and can't go to the dentist because of no insurance. I've tried almost everything I could think of and this worked! I can not thank you enough for posting this. :)


so i made the paste an wow how it is working ya it tastes horrible but wow worth it now i can eat something. Man i just have the bit throbbing but some of this a couple times seems like its going to do the trick


I've had THE worst toothache due to an infection. Of course the dentist can't get me in for a few days. Vicodin barely helped! The garlic clove helped a lot. Vanilla extract works even better. So does a tea bag soaked in whiskey. I hope you find whatever works for you!


Thank you so much for sharing! I was in A LOT of pain with my tooth and nothing was working anymore so; at 2:30am I was in tears almost a long with not sleeping when I found this post. I was willing to try anything at the point of pain I sas in. I used garlic powder and water mixture then dipped it in gauze within 10 minutes the THROBBING PAIN was almost gone then, I put toothpaste on a qtip and put it all around the infected tooth within 5 minutes I was sleeping, made it through work all day and still no pain! I was AMAZED it worked especially after taking too much Iborofren etc so; thanks again!


Thank you so much. I made a paste and put on the tooth and used a qtip to put it all around the gum and no pain at all. Thank you!


You are my godsend

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