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I started with a terrible toothache. I cant find a dentist that takes my insurance, so i was desperate. I tried brushing my teeth, using Listerine, even gargeling with rum. All this worked for a while then the toothache came back. Then I read try putting garlic in your gums, thats where my pain is actually. Well we dont have fresh garlic, so I found our garlic powder, i added some water and made a paste, and i put it on my gums and held it there for about 10 mins. It works, the pain is almost gone. I am going to try this several times a day to see if i can get rid of the bacteria that is making my gums hurt. I read that garlic is a natural remedy to get rid of the bacteria that makes us have toothaches, wish me luck! I hope this helps you too.

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Burns like HELL but man does this work!


I did this & put the paste inside an emptied out tea bag so my husband could hold it between his cheek & gum. He said it burned like hxxx, & that it made him sick to his stomach but the pain subsided after about 10 min.


how long do you keep in your mouth and do you rinse it out?

Sarah 77

I was in horrible pain 10 mins ago couldn't stop crying until I googled and came cross this website n tryed the garlic powder and it went away right way !!!! It's Amazing Thank you


Thank you so so much my wisdom teeth are coming in and i cant get to the dentist until monday i appreciate it the pain is gone thank u so much


Thank you so much for taking the time in sharing this. I made the paste, put it on a cotton pad, folded it over the tooth so it didn't go on my tongue. It did burn, however well worth it as the pain has now gone.


I got woken up out of my sleep this morning with this horrible tooth ache. I went to the store first thing this morning and bought the extra strength anbesol. Did not work, I dont know why i waited all day to do this, but i found this post of yours on here, i just tried it about 12 minutes ago and almost 30seconds into the process of rubbing it on my gums it took away the pain. It burned a little, but it Worked! Thanks for this website, and thank you!!!!


Wow that really did work I made some paste with 1/2 cup of water and garlic powder and it work Ty so much I truer everything but this and boom it work tyvm again


Works but couldn't take the smell nor taste i voimited like crazy


Thank you thank you thank you so much I was at work in horrible pain tried this and it works!!!👯👯👯👯

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