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I started with a terrible toothache. I cant find a dentist that takes my insurance, so i was desperate. I tried brushing my teeth, using Listerine, even gargeling with rum. All this worked for a while then the toothache came back. Then I read try putting garlic in your gums, thats where my pain is actually. Well we dont have fresh garlic, so I found our garlic powder, i added some water and made a paste, and i put it on my gums and held it there for about 10 mins. It works, the pain is almost gone. I am going to try this several times a day to see if i can get rid of the bacteria that is making my gums hurt. I read that garlic is a natural remedy to get rid of the bacteria that makes us have toothaches, wish me luck! I hope this helps you too.

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Ms D

Thanku so much because it really worked I went to emergency room & they gave me tylenol 3 I was fine til I got home. I rubbed the garlic on my gums & it went away. Thanks!!!!!!!!


Barns bad but works.


That actually worked!! Wow!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!


It burns a bit;but it really works


i just had a tooth pulled that was abcessed the dentists wanted to wait to pull it and put me on antibiotics but when he saw how much pain i was in he said lets get this out now i still have the infection and its causing me so much pain im gonna try this garlic remedie i will let you know how it goes every step of the way


I really did not believe this would work but my tooth hurting really bad I thought I wud try I did make paste with garlic an put on my gums for 10 mins I held it there it burn a little but pain is almost gone just feel a light throbbing...thank u for this also I did not rinse my mouth afterwards just spit some of out my mouth....thanks


i've recently have had a toothache for 2 days now & decided to suft the web for home remedies & decided to try yours. thanks so much because this works & i finally feel betta.

scared of the dentist

Wow ty so so much it actually works mouth is throbing a lot prob cause of the infection but it took the pain away I do it a lot not and mouth seemed to heal and no more pain


Thankyou for sharing this remedy it has given me more relief than any pill's have .


It really works!!!!thank you very much!

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