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Omg, I can't take this itching and pain anymore!!
I just poured bleach and rubbed it all over front side of body. Once it started stinging and I about passed out from fumes I rinsed off in very hot shower!! Ouch it is killing me. I patted dry then made a paste to rub all over me out of vinegar and baking soda. It is stinging like crazy. But I'm going to deal with it and wait 15 min then wash it ofWell I washed the paste off after five minutes. It was burning my skin. Rinsed off in hot, hot shower. All the bumps are really sticking up and they are beet red. I think I pissed them off. Then I patted dry and ran the blow dry on hot, Hot on all the bumps till my skin felt like it was going to start on fire. Then rubbed the prescription cream I got from my Dr. 5 days ago all over my beet red bumps.
I'm so happy and hope I keep feeling like this. I don't itch anymore. I changed all my bedding (again) and put on a 100 % cotton night gown and I'm going to bed! I hope I burned all the poison off me!! I'll let everyone know how I feel in the morning.

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