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Soak the toe in Epsom salts dissolved in hot water for 20 minutes. Dry thoroughly and then rub with the cut side of a raw onion. Rub the onion juices into the painful areas for about 10 minutes. Wrap with a fresh basil leaf (secure with tape) and put a sock over it overnight. The pain will be gone in the morning and the nail will grow straight.

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you can also smash your finger in a vice and the pain in your toes will go away.


Sounds delicious!


The trick with the onion is, and this is rediculously painful, heat it so that you can hold it in your hands without discomfort and apply to effected area. It sort of boils the puss and infected areas inside. Try it a couple times. AND THIS IS PAINFULL. YOUR THRESHOLD MIGHT CROSS SEVERAL TIMES WITH THE HEATED ONION BULB....

South Asian remedy btw.


I'm allergic to basil will it still work if I skip that part?


Thank you so much for this! It actually worked! Except what I did was bandage a small piece of onion on my toe and left it over night and did the same thing the next day and when I took off the bandage my toe was back to normal! No pain no swelling. No more ingrown nail! Thank you for this home remedy!

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