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After spending a small fortune on OTC products such as Nix and Rid, and after pulling out nits night after night and still watching my daughter scratch, I got desperate. I had nightmares of lice infesting the whole house and all the bedding and clothes. So I read all the home remedies and after being as confused and uncertain after the readings as before I chose to do the most aggressive and fastest remedy without having to invest in another small fortune. We bought a gallon of kerosene, took our daughter in the back yard, sat her on a chair and began pouring it over every inch of her hair and scalp. After about 5 minutes she was wailing, and performing and yelling that her skin burned. We took her inside, rinsed it off and then covered her hair in Dawn dishwashing liquid. The smell was so strong from the kerosene and it was sort of oily as well so after getting a great lather we washed it well and then covered her hair in conditioner. Well the hollering went on so loudly and for so long we rinsed that off and she still was complaining about the burning. We filled up the tuba and she lay down in COLD water to finish rinsing and cooling off her burning head. The result: a clean and nit free scalp. That was three hours ago and have not seen her scratch once. Hallelujah for kerosene! But she made us promise to never put that on her again.

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Leave kerosene 50 50 mixture part olive oil on for only five minutes!


Yes I've tried everything. And still had these aggravating bugs. I finally remembered older people talking about using kerosene for lice. I tried it and it worked like a charm. Ya know it's really funny how our grandmother's and grandfather's lived to be in their hundreds and used these old remedies but yet our generation is lucky to live to be 60. Hmmmmm I think it's past time to go back to our past generations advice and knowledge. Most people think they know it all and believe everything the media tells them. Open your eyes. Don't believe everything you hear. And people wonder why our kids generation are so messed up. It's people like you that interfere and think they doing something right when in fact make things worse.


It actually works doesn't hurt so bad if you just get it on the hair . Yes I poured it on my own. It's not as bad as keeping them . And then other remedies DON'T WORK this is super shit times. My kids survived are all grown up now and doing well. So shut up uninformed idiots.


This is WAAAAYYY late, but i have been looking online on this subjekt and saw this post, i hope these morons didnt get u too down... Evidently this is a well known home remedy tht dates back to at least 1917, and is VERY effektive. U seemed 2 have taken prekautions against igniting ur child, and while true, there have only been 15 kases of burned children in the last 20 yrs. Millions of people have survived this treatment, and the ones who didnt prolly had f-ed up parents 2 begin w/. These ppl who kommented earlier are overreakting ( yes grammer nazi's, I AM smart enough 2 kno i use k's instead of c's) and prolly the kind of ppl who would kall CPS on u for anything. This treatment does work, just be kareful


Y'all are all over reacting! Do u not remember this has been a home remedy for prob hundreds of years with only very few cases of any kids getting hurt. I had it done as a child too and yes it does burn a little but u have to be smart about using it and yeah it will burn a little but is the most effective method of killing lice when other treatments won't work!


lol kerosene and diesel both work...wash it out with some vinegar. oh yeah and these things are NOT GAS! they dont go boom just from a spark igniting the fumes (which is the explosive part of gas)


It works amazing!!! I had it done and so did my sister. No I'll effects from it.


Lol white people are so extra, its kerosene not acid, chill. It kills lice and that practice has been in my family for ages its a sure thing so if you don't want to, dont do it but it works lol


Y’all realize this is a lice killer since 1917 her doughter may have been elegiac to it.


This is really late coming but I don't see how it can be considered child abuse. Everyone forgets that back in the day things like this was normal and just because everyone now feels the need to get everyone else's business and tell everyone else how to raise their child, everything is abuse. My husband was just telling me that his family did the same thing to him when he got lice and it worked like a charm he never got it again. It's not like she covered her child in kerosene head to toe and made her suffer or put her in dangerous situations where she was not supervised. It can also be considered abuse to let a child go on and on with lice and let that same child continue to spread it because the so-called perfect treatments in the store don't work because lice evolve into Super lice and become immune to the shampoos. If there was real abuse here then I'm sure the county or state would have stepped in on this parent. Instead of dogging each other and being so quick to point out other parents mistakes to try and show how perfect we are as parents we need to be a little more supportive.

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