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After spending a small fortune on OTC products such as Nix and Rid, and after pulling out nits night after night and still watching my daughter scratch, I got desperate. I had nightmares of lice infesting the whole house and all the bedding and clothes. So I read all the home remedies and after being as confused and uncertain after the readings as before I chose to do the most aggressive and fastest remedy without having to invest in another small fortune. We bought a gallon of kerosene, took our daughter in the back yard, sat her on a chair and began pouring it over every inch of her hair and scalp. After about 5 minutes she was wailing, and performing and yelling that her skin burned. We took her inside, rinsed it off and then covered her hair in Dawn dishwashing liquid. The smell was so strong from the kerosene and it was sort of oily as well so after getting a great lather we washed it well and then covered her hair in conditioner. Well the hollering went on so loudly and for so long we rinsed that off and she still was complaining about the burning. We filled up the tuba and she lay down in COLD water to finish rinsing and cooling off her burning head. The result: a clean and nit free scalp. That was three hours ago and have not seen her scratch once. Hallelujah for kerosene! But she made us promise to never put that on her again.

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Kerosene isn't that flammable.


Everyone here saying all these bad things about kerosene is a fucking moron...

If washed out properly after treatment kerosene is THE BEST remedy for lice/ticks/bugs.

Brainwashed noobs who are afraid of their own shadow do not get to say such bad things about a person who used kerosene as a very viable treatment. Don't be ignorant.


What fucking child abuse you retarded people?

Dumb mother fuckers screaming child abuse .... get over yourself and actually do something. Kerosene, if used properly and washed out afterwards is a great remedy.

Don't know the first thing about parenting by screaming child abuse. That is why you have spoiled little cretins for children who cause chaos in society and schools. Go home and stfu.


Yes, people used kerosene for years to treat head lice. And, people died because of it. Now that we have safer options, why would you risk your child dying a fiery death and burning the crap out of a scalp that is already covered in scratches? Common sense would tell you that will burn like the hinges of hell!


Shut up people not all people in this stupid world are retarded!!! If she was careful you all have no right to judge her parenting!!

Kourtney rogers

My mom did this to me when i was little. I will do to my kids too. It works


Lmao these people must not know too many hillbillies cause kerosene is the only thing my family used when I was a kid all my cousins an everything has had kerosene in there hair nobody has caught on fire yet that kid is fine you people shelter your children so much that when they get in the real world it's so overwhelming they just give up an you end up raising them till there thirty grow some balls an give your kids character lol


this is a chemical,an oil base . people only think of it as being bad because it is also a GASOLINE . But used in the correct,and safe way it can save you tons of money , This is no different then putting a perm on your head because it to is a chemical, Only difference is with a perm leave it on long enough you will burn your skin and fry your hair . as a kid I thought that was child abuse ..


Yes hallelujah! I used kerosene to equal part olive oil at 50/50 mixture- then washed hair with dawn and washed with normal shampoo twice and added 5 drops of tea tree oil to the last wash- KABAM! Bug and not free with silky soft hair. Caution turn off all pilot lights, candles, or any other open flame. Ventilate house well and do not get kerosene on towels or other launder BE CAREFUL! Grammas old fashioned remedy works best??????


I meant in the last comment I posted that hair was bug and NITT free ! Grammas remedy works best. Anyone who calls this child abuse has never paid Vicki bucks for store remedies that don't work. Nobody can talk that way about my gramma too! She knower the stuff dat work! I swear on my comment above

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