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After spending a small fortune on OTC products such as Nix and Rid, and after pulling out nits night after night and still watching my daughter scratch, I got desperate. I had nightmares of lice infesting the whole house and all the bedding and clothes. So I read all the home remedies and after being as confused and uncertain after the readings as before I chose to do the most aggressive and fastest remedy without having to invest in another small fortune. We bought a gallon of kerosene, took our daughter in the back yard, sat her on a chair and began pouring it over every inch of her hair and scalp. After about 5 minutes she was wailing, and performing and yelling that her skin burned. We took her inside, rinsed it off and then covered her hair in Dawn dishwashing liquid. The smell was so strong from the kerosene and it was sort of oily as well so after getting a great lather we washed it well and then covered her hair in conditioner. Well the hollering went on so loudly and for so long we rinsed that off and she still was complaining about the burning. We filled up the tuba and she lay down in COLD water to finish rinsing and cooling off her burning head. The result: a clean and nit free scalp. That was three hours ago and have not seen her scratch once. Hallelujah for kerosene! But she made us promise to never put that on her again.

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Concerned mom

You should be arrested for that


Hate to tell all of you this, but this is the old fashioned remedy that was used for years and almost every OTC product out there has some form of kerosene in it. Just check the label.


You were probably smoking when you did this too.

Dumb ass. Your child is lucky to be alive. I hope you get arrested and put in jail.

This ranks right up with leaving your child in a hot car.


i understand that we have come a long way since our parents time however sometimes their treatments work best. We had to do this to myself and a friend of mine when I was younger and it worked. it was ALL that worked after miserable summer of handing lice back and forth where during that time the lice had become ammune to every product on the market. I'd do it to myself again in a heartbeat if the need ever arrised. like i said it was THE ONLY thing that worked

Sheena Locke

U may think that it works but it doesn't. When i was a child my parents did this crap to me! Week after week the same treatment going to school smelling like gas! And I still had head lice! Don't do this bullshit to ur children! I have a 9yr old daughter who gets lice at the beginning of each school year. Take the time to pick thru ur child's hair. Yes it is painful but trust me it sure as hell beats the embarrassment of going to school smelling like a damned gas station! If u don't want to take the time to get rid of it in a manner that isn't cruel to ur child than bring them to me I will! The kerosene never got rid of the lice I had it till my grandmother had enough of my parents doing that to me, and took me to a hair dresser that cut my hair and washed it with what I then called a miracle shampoo. Still dnt know what it was.


You have to understand that's how they used to get rid of it back in the day my grandmother still swears by it! A few minutes of pain for a lice free head id take it!


OMG - are you totally CRAZY. that poor child, I truely feel for the child - it's no wonder the child was screaming. I hope this is just a big joke. I'm NOT laughing. Worried in Texas


LOL... As much as people are condoning you... I have heard of parents doing this through the decades and it worked fast... I personally endured Raid treatment! LOL and if it was good for me it's good enough for my kids! LOL


Its true this is how my parents took care of my head lice as a kid and all my friends parents too. I don't recall it being that painful at all. I would rather use something that works opposed to repeatedly soaking my head in peaticdes that aren't working. Its cost effective too!!!


lol... pestacides

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