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After spending a small fortune on OTC products such as Nix and Rid, and after pulling out nits night after night and still watching my daughter scratch, I got desperate. I had nightmares of lice infesting the whole house and all the bedding and clothes. So I read all the home remedies and after being as confused and uncertain after the readings as before I chose to do the most aggressive and fastest remedy without having to invest in another small fortune. We bought a gallon of kerosene, took our daughter in the back yard, sat her on a chair and began pouring it over every inch of her hair and scalp. After about 5 minutes she was wailing, and performing and yelling that her skin burned. We took her inside, rinsed it off and then covered her hair in Dawn dishwashing liquid. The smell was so strong from the kerosene and it was sort of oily as well so after getting a great lather we washed it well and then covered her hair in conditioner. Well the hollering went on so loudly and for so long we rinsed that off and she still was complaining about the burning. We filled up the tuba and she lay down in COLD water to finish rinsing and cooling off her burning head. The result: a clean and nit free scalp. That was three hours ago and have not seen her scratch once. Hallelujah for kerosene! But she made us promise to never put that on her again.

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This is awful.


Are u kidding me??!!! Who puts kerosene on their kid's head?? Horrid!


Your jokin rite?


That could easily be considered as child abuse. Who in their right mind would pour kerosene on a child? Best home remedy is to saturate hair with mayonaise and tightly (not too tight now parents)around the hair and scalp. leave on for at least an hour. this will suffocate the lice and loosen the nits. after, rinse hair with vinegar and use a shampoo containing tea tree oil. NEVER USE KEROSENE! poor child.


....tightly *wrap suran wrap* around the hair and scalp...


You should have CPS called on you! Even a slight spark from the carpet could have ignited your childs head...and she would have been DEAD! YOU NEVER USE KEROSENE...there are too many great products out there to be using something so damn dangerous! Not only should CPS be called on you...but you should be sterilized to keep from breeding more! Ugh...disgusting!!!


Oh my god I can't believe you put your child through that, I just use conditioner filled with tea tree, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil, leave it half hour under wrap then comb out dead nits and eggs, repeat in 5 days


If I knew who you were I would call CPS on you - what sane parent does that to their kid?

Brass from Mass

If this is a joke, its not funny. You should be arrested for the torture you subjected this child to. There are remedies out there that are not painful....awful parenting!


Actually that does work.. my parents used it on me once when I was little and got lice and it doesn't burn that bad. Just a warm sensation. It will totally strip your hair clean and to this day I wash my hair with kerosene and dawn dish washing liquid every couple of months.

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