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I've read most of these submissions and only tried a few. I tried the salt water and that barely helped. I also saw something about holding an ice pack on your jaw where your tooth hurts and that didn't help either. The only thing I've tried that worked is brushing my teeth and then swishing with mouth wash and that takes about 70% of the pain away. There's still a dull ache which is annoying but it's much better than what I was feeling before. So I highly recommend that. It doesn't last very long, but it works for me. I've had a root canal in one of my top left molars and I'm going back to do a root canal on my bottom right molar. Moral of the story is BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH.

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dont u wish you read this before


Amen to brushing your teeth, took a year of brushing my teeth only once a day, then i started brushing twice a day after a toothaache.

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