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THE ONLY THING FOR FLEAS!!!! My grandma was a crazy cat lady. She had over a dozen cats and 3 dogs. She tried everything to get rid of fleas. The one thing that worked was Advantage. Go to your vet (don't bother with an appt. some vets will want you to have an appt. so just call around) and each packet will cost you around $10s a months supply. Or even petco sells it but its usually like $50 for a box. Put it on your pet and have them walk around the house anywhere there is fleas. If your vet does not carry Advantage try Frontline it works very well but Advantage still has my vote. ALSO Do Not bother with drops by any other brand besides Advantage or Frontine! I promise you its a waste of money.

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After trying both Advantage & Frontline on 4 dogs and 1 cat I'm gonna have to cast my vote for the Frontline. Although I've noticed the fleas are much worse than last summer and my old reliable Frontline hasn't been working as it had before. I called the company and asked why and their rep told me that fleas will still get on my pets, they just won't survive. WHATEVER! I know I live in the boonies but dang,the product isn't working like it used to & $50.00 a month for a useless product is ridiculous! I will, however, agree w/ you about any other name brands of the drops ... TOTAL WASTE!!! That is why I've been searching for an alternative that is inexpensive and natural or something that is readily available.


I agree with ADVANTAGE. I got some for my kitten who was only 5 1/2 weeks old who had fleas. My vet gave it for free with vet visit. I put it on her and saw the fleas falling off her with in hours. Have not had any other problems. Plus it works by causing the fleas to become paralyzed then go into convolsions and die without having to bite your pet.


I tried everything from sprays to collars, to the cheap flea drops, to natural remedies. I bombed my apartment, did the flea comb thing, gave the kitties a bath (which they LOVED yeah right!). Finally after a summer of itching and bites and money wasted, I broke down and got Advantage. Within 12 hours the fleas were dead, no more on the kitties!!! I treated them again next month just in case and that was a year and a half ago. I haven't had a problem since and haven't had to use Advantage again. It's magick. :)


I agree with you on the advantage. I use it on my dog and he doesnt have fleas anymore. I always buy it every month just to make sure he stays flea free, as his skin is very sensitive.


Although Advantage does work well, please be careful with small breed dogs (chihuahua's, boston terrier's, ect.) and using this treatment. The honest truth is, it could send them into siezures and kill them. Ask your vet for further information.


I have a 6 year old shih-tzu, I always used Advantage, and it helped until last year. My dog itched miserably since May of 2006. It's now March of 2007. I done everything! My vet finally said he was allergic to flea bites, I was spending about $100 every other month buying prescription meds for the itching to no avail. Finally, I found the BEST treatment of all. Go to drs foster and smith online...I bought K-9 advantix, which protects against not only fleas, but ticks and mosquito bites as well. that killed the fleas and the itching slowed remarkably well overnite. They also sell an 'itch stop' kit, which treats the itching. I used the shampoo, then for when he itched afterwards I sprayed the itch stop spray. Helped some more, but not completely gone. I then used the hydrocortisone cream on the specific spot that he was itching. Wham! Remarkable! INSTANT RELIEF!! One week later, and he's not itching at all!!! They sell this kit very cheap. In fact, all their products are very cheap. K-9 Advantage is only $37 for a 4 month supply! Itch stop kit is only $20. If you're like me and your pet is your '2ND KID', THEN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!


Hi I would like to just tell you guys to be careful with ADvantage. A few years ago I did use this product on my Golden Retriever puppy. I put the product on him at night so that when he was playing with my other dog that she wouldn't be touching it with her mouth. I put him in his kennel and when he woke up in the morning his cage was melted into his fur. The company did replace the cage but they also said that, that is a side affect to the oil. Just use with caution I won't use it again I use Frontline and it works very well. I figure if this could happen to their cage what does it do to their skin.


Frontline and Advantage and all the like are POISION to your dogs, cats, humans, and all animals!!!!!!!!!!!! RESEARCH it! Just as the pharmaceutical companies are stealing the breath of life from us with the invention of cancer, AIDS, disease, etc... they are doing this to our pets too!!!!

EDUCATE YOURSELF. Stop being a compliant 'sheep of the herd'. Be discerning, truth-seeking, and informed. Open your eyes and never stop learning.


if these products are lethal for the fleas they are also chemicals that over the 16 years you hope your pet to live will affect them..there are many herbs fleas hate ..use them on your pet and garden to keep them away..years later your pet will show the results of the use of these chemical the should wear gloves and do not handle your pet after application..wake up..the poor pet.. is his system any different then ours and is his size that much bigger than us.
we are all being exposed to the chemicals causing problems later in life


I tried the frontline like everyone raved about, and my dog almost died. No one ever mentions about the reactions dogs can have to this stuff. He stopped eating, wouldn't move off my bed, developed sores all over his head, etc. if I had not done research on the Internet, and realized what was happening, he'd be gone. As soon as I gave him a bath, and got it all off of him, he started to become his old self. Took a few days, but he made it. Seriously, go to frontline and advantix reactions on the net. You'll be amazed. No offense to people and their pets it works for, just want everyone to be informed before they use it.

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