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Two magical words you guys... LEMON JUICE ! LEMON JUICE ! L-E-M-O-N J-U-I-C-E ! ! ! ^__^

I kid you not, When I heard about using lemon juice for an acne treatmeant I immediatly went and bought tons of lemons. What I did was cut slices of a lemon and squeeze the juice out onto a cotton ball (if you have sensitive skin add a drop of water or two) and you're supposed to leave it on for about 10-30 mins(I always do 30)then use a moisturizer. I'd only done this twice that day, the afternoon and before I went to bed,and once again I kid you NOT simply b/c I do not kid when it come to acne, the next day I got immediate results and the day after that my face cleared up DRASTICALLY !

It's pretty cool b/c not only does it clear up pimples and acne scars, but it tightens the skin and works as an age defyer as well. *So if you or your parents feel you're looking old and aging... lemon juice is the product to use*

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Do you still cleanse??


What type of moisturizer do you recommend?


Lemon juice makes my face itchy. ;c


is it suitable for an oily face.


lemon is really good for oily skin, but for dry skin it will itch and even give you a burning sensation....


every time i ask my mom for lemon juice she says 'why, are u gonna use it as deoderant' and really embaresses me. :L
it works great but i just dont have acesse.
is she trying to ruin my preteen life????
(p.s, lemons are great for stink says my grandma)


After 30min due you rinse it off then put the moisturizer


Putting lemon juice on the face doesn't work for everyone. For most of the people i know who's tried it just caused so many more breakouts. But one person i know said he tried it on his face and it didn't work, then he decided to drink lemon juice for a week and it cleared some but not all.
Lemon juice lightens the skin and you should never go out with it on your face or within the hour of using it, because it can cause blisters, also lemon juice increases the skin's photosensitivity, so you would need to start using sun cream if you don't already use.
Honey would be the best bet to use because it's a natural healer and it's an antibacterial and doesn't harm the skin.

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