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Misery loves Company

I just wanted to share my story as well... First of all, I always thought it would never happen to me (like everybody else).

I am 25 years old female and I had only 2 sexual partners. Last month, I got diagnosed myself with this virus. How did I end up with it?

Let me tell you....
I have been dating this ER doctor since January and just recently stopped using condoms. He told me that he is clean of any type of STD's and that he would prefer not using condoms anymore. I just got tested in December for all types of STD's and everything came back negative. In May I discovered two tiny lil pimple on his penis shaft in the morning (we just had sex the night before). As soon as I saw it, I had a feeling that it was HSV-2. I was super freaked out and I started looking through his medicine cabinet- I couldn't find any antiviral drugs. I am a medical student myself and I am on the way of becoming a gynecologist, so I have seen Herpes on multiple times in woman before. Even tough I didn't find any medications, I was still concerned...I was so nervous that my heart rate was elevated. He felt that my heart was beating very fast, so he asked me why I am so nervous.
I was like, well what is this bump on your penis?
He looked and told me...oh that's nothing. He claimed it appeared from masturbating without lubrication. He told me that he just recently got tested yada yada and that he would never do this to me. He made me feel really stupid because he is the doctor and I am just the medical student. I honestly wanted to believe him...but I was still concerned.
Anyways a month later, I found one tiny little spot on my vagina. I didn't have any pain or felt sick. I applied some Isopropyl alcohol on it which really burns but I wanted to disinfect it. I didn't tell him a word but went to my gynecologist and told her the whole story. She took a look at it and told me that it doesn't look like HSV-2 at all and I should calm down (I was crying my eyes out in her office). She told me she was 100% positive that it was not what I expected but I insisted in a blood test regardless.
Meanwhile, my boyfriend went on vacation to Europe. A week later, my gynecologist called and told me that she was wrong. The ELISA test had shown that I had been recently infected with the virus. She was so puzzled because it didn't look like it at all and I didn't have any other typical symptoms. She ordered another test because she actually believed that it could have been a mistake in the lab.

Anyways, I was devastated...I called my boyfriend and he started crying on the phone....he got tested as well and it turned out to be positive as well- not a surprise to me.

My point of this story is that EVERYBODY should get tested for EVERYTHING all the time. This is the only way that the spread of diseases can be eliminated. I am mad at myself because I have always been so cautious and got tested all the time. I had a false sense of security since he was a doctor and I felt like that he is as responsible as me..., he told me that he got tested but he never showed me the prove of it.

My mother is the only person that knows about my infection beside him..

Ever since I got the virus from him, we are having problems. I don't trust him anymore...

On the other hand, I am very fortunate. I don't have any 'problems' with it, it is not painful or anything. All the women, I have seen in the clinic were in agony and were in so much pain.

Being infected with this virus helped me made up my mind about doing research in this field and possibly getting my PhD as well. I am very positive that there will be a 'cure' in the near future. Unfortunately, I doubt that the virus can ever be eliminated out of the body- however, I am positive that the outbreaks and the viral shedding might be stopped very soon (maybe in the next 5-10 years). I think they will first develop a vaccine to prevent transmission.

Meanwhile, hang in there everybody and keep your head up! It all could be a lot worse. In the end of the day, it is only a 'skin condition'/ 'virus that affects the skin'.

God bless you!

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I would just like to say that my diagnosis was quite similar. I too have vast medical knowledge due to medical school and previous jobs. When I was infected I became very sick (flu-like symptoms, severe headaches, etc). I went to my gyno and she also told me that the two pimples I had were normal. I insisted on a blood test because I already knew and of course I was correct. This scares me because since my initial outbreak I have not seen any symptoms. I feel that I am at a greater risk for spreading the virus. Any advice?


I got my genital herpes from a doctor too...I was a medical student but I quit med. School. I tried so many natural remedies including lysine to prevent herpes but it didn't work...Echinacea, zinc, you name it I've tried it all....the prodrome kept coming on weekly basis. The virus even attacked my urethra and caused urethritis! But only when I take Astragalus (Solaray) three times a day, the prodrome stopped! I also take a tablespoon of raw honey in the morning and drink 3 litres of water everyday. I never get any prodrome or outbreak ever since
Btw I'm gay


I can very much relate to what you are saying, I have been having un protected sex with my Boy Friend for almost 9 months now. He swore to me that he was being tested every 6 months for all STD's and always had negative results on everything, but I never saw any proof of these tests. A few days ago, I was looking for a towel in his cabinet, and just happen to notice a medicine bottle. I was curious about it so I picked it up to look, only in my HORROR to find it was Valtrex, and now I am dealing with all the after math, and am experiencing my first Outbreak, although I have not been tested, I already know, I have it. I feel like my life is over. :-(

srini imminent

An enlightening post .Take time
srinu out to post your findings also


wow what an amazing story i am so sorry that you went through that. but the good news is your not alone it happens more then you think.... i have tried many all natural herpes supplements and ointments etc, the best i have come across is from health-right discoveries i have tried these supplements from health-right discoveries and they are have a really good all natural formula that helps with preventing an outbreak, you take it a couple times a day but it has quality amounts from multiple sources like Natural Astaxanthin (strongest antioxidant in market), olive leaf extract (natural anti viral), beta glucans 1,3,1,6 )anti virals bc herpes is a virus), Ashwagandha (a natural stress relief due to outbreaks happening from stress) and other good stuff that i can honestly say has been working great for me. you have to take it for a couple months for it to start working but once it does i feel great and don't get outbreaks.
if you are interested i can't post links on this website but if you go to health-right (dot com) lol you can find it there
try it out and let me know how it works for you :)


I know that you posted this story quite some time ago but this story really touched me as so this is almost my SAME EXACT story. god bless you


Thank you so much for your post. How inspirational. I had an OB one week ago. First one. Never thought it could happen to me!!!! My symptoms are very mild too. Sores, some itching and burning, but no flu like symptoms. When it first came on I was questioning the tingle and itch. I had a feeling what it may be but was praying it was razor burn. I get cold sores, and early in my relationship, my husband and I we were not aware of having to be cautious when I had a sore on my lip. :( We will be visiting the DR. soon. Thanks for the comment about it being a skin codition. It made me feel less gross.


I'am having 1st ob at this momment.i got it from my husband hsv 1.when he did oral with me.he would not bother to be extra cautious when I bring this health issues.i hope doc u will find the cure for this

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