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There are many things you can do to relieve a yeast infection. The more immediate is inserting garlic. However I just take it in pill form that you can buy for relatively 3-5 dollars in your local vitamin section. Most of us know our bodies pretty well and you will know the times you get them the most. Examples swimming in lakes/oceans, camping, after periods etc.. I usually take garlic by mouth four times daily if I have done anything that might cause a flareup and it usually does the trick.

Keep your whooha clean.
Use Dove unscented soap
Stay away from fabric softeners(especially in loads that contain your panties)Wash panties separately in unscented soap.
Stay away from anything that has dyes or scents on or near your whooha.

I know you love them ladies and I love them too, but if you feeling not so fresh stay away from tight a** jeans. Until you get better if you get another yeast infection right after you got better you might want to think about going up a size in your jeans.

And absolutely DO NOT Douche.

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theres 5 ways to treat it naturally

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