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I have two girls in elemetary school and they both got lice. We tried vinager, mayo, tea tree oil, some all natural products from the local health food store and RID. Got the bed spray, metal nit comb, washed bedding, took all there stuffed animals away, put sheets in dryer every day for 30 minutes, vacumed matresses and was very diligent in our efforts to get rid of lice. All the time and money, not to mention putting chemicals on your kids heads and all you need is a pair of clippers. Shaved there heads and lice were gone. Other parents followed suite and it wasn't bad fo my girls. Cheap, safe, fast and %100 effective.

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I have really considered doing this to my little girls but worry about other kids making fun of them. Have your girls said anything about other kids saying anything to them?


When i was younger and had lice my mom tried everytbing from the shampoo, to mayo, to even dying our hair. But after hours of me yelling and screaming she said we can go on with the comb or we can just shave your head. And shaved my head we did, i just told people i got into poision oak or ivy and it was bad all over.


The stigma and bullying is cruel to kids especially girls. wi
th boys it is ok, but kids know when you do this it was because of lice, so sad for the kids to go thru, i wouldnt reccommend it


When I was 9 my mom did it to me, and it was the worst I have ever lived. I studied in a girls school and I was so unhappy because all the girls bullying me for that. Dont do that to your kids, its awful!


That's what I would do quick and easy sinead oconner it LOL

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