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Hi everyone..!!! I want to tell a lil about myself. I first got gh at the age of 15. I got it from a boyfriend that i had been with for 2 yrs.. He was my first.. And ta-da i got it 2 weeks later... It was super painful... Everything i did hurt. But it wasn't only painful for me but for my parents too.. They had had 'the talk' with me already but was in love and didn't think.. After being told i had it i felt horrible like my world had ended. That i would never find someone that would every accept me like this.. That no one would ever understand me. I was depressed for a long time. I felt that there was nothing left for me.. Exaggerating i know but i wasonly 15... I had just had my quincenera... But i am now 22 and married to a wonderful man that loves me for me and accepts me for who i am with all my virtues and defects.. I was honest with him from the beginning which i recommend everyone be when you decide to take that step. Many people have gotten it because their partner never told them. Don't be that partner that does that.. Anyways i am now married with one child and another on the way.. I know. Im not playing around or wasting time!!!! Lol. I had mijo Dr made me take valtrex for the month that i was suppose to have him that way everything would be clear. Hopefully everything works out good with my next one... =) ok now for my help... ALWAYS ALWAYS WASH DOWN THERE WITH WARM WATER AND DRY TO PERFECTION!!! Its good to wash up twice a day just so your always clean. Eat healthy and try to not stress. Now i know that's easier said than done but just try. Now when you get an outbreak you need to wash up more times a day.. Try to keep the area as dry as possible. Try putting baby powder on it after completely dried use cotton underwear cause its more breathable. I like to use granny panties at night when an ob happens. It helps. Also sleeping naked ALONE with a fan or something to blow air on it while you sleep works too... When showering what also helps is putting warm water on it then putting cold water on it.. Repeat a couple of times it helps soothe the pain... Do this everyone you wash up and it should help heal faster.. It does me. And please if you feel an ob coming up don't risk your partner.. Don't have sex till all symptoms go away for at least a week. My husband has yet to have any signs of having gh and i pray he never does. I don't wish this pain on anyone... And lastly keep your head up.. I know it may seem like there's no hope for us but i truly believe that there will be a cure for this horrible and extremely painful virus.. Be honest and think before taking that step to have sex again with someone you mighty not love or might not be worth it.. You will find someone that'll love you regardless of your virus you'll see.. To this day I've had only a few very small ob. That last about a week. Hope this well help some of y'all out with this painful crap. And remember that your world isn't over even though it might seen like that.. God bless all of you. And can't wait to post here one day about the cure =)

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Thank you so much for your writing! I was in a relationship and when I told him I have herpes, he dicided to not continue with me. I have been desvastated since but you give me hope whe I read your story.

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