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I found that a product called skin so soft that is exclusively from Avon works wonders.....I applied to my dogs 2 times a week right after bath, good for skin and fur too...kills almost immediately

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Oh, it is for humans and it kills fleas?
What is it doing to us?


Where can i get this produce skin so soft?


Is it toxic to dogs?


Can you spray skin so soft on dogs daily


which works best the lotion or the oil spray


Can you put skin so soft in an essential oil diffuser?


Due to money issues my dog went a couple weeks with our his flea prevention meds. Boy was that a mistake. Tonight I saw one flea on my dog. I bathed him and tried to use coconut oil on him. Later that night my dog was itching like crazy. so much that I couldn't sleep. He was miserable. I hated to see him like that. I prayed for him and me cause I needed sleep. Lol! Skin so soft came to mind. I looked it up and what do you know it was know to help. With fleas. What did I have to lose. Heck he even had me starting to itch. I had a spray bottle of it under the cabinet. Sprayed a little on him and he instantly stopped and fell asleep. Thank you.


My dog had a reaction to flea medicine and I decided not to put him through it again. Took them to the bay to give them a salt water bath after they dried (still scratching so someone shared skin so soft to me. I rubbed straight on and it has helped. They are scratching some but only a little. I will continue this every six days to see if it helps completely. Otherwise I will move on to another alternative


You can also use Dawn dish liquid to bath your pets with fleas, as the dish soap dissolves the flea exoskeleton and kills them within minutes. Dawn dish soap is so much safer to use on your pets than chemical flea bath products, and its also a much better price. Then I use Avon Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil mixed with a little water to spray mist my dogs and keep the bugs away.

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