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I found that a product called skin so soft that is exclusively from Avon works wonders.....I applied to my dogs 2 times a week right after bath, good for skin and fur too...kills almost immediately

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which kind of skin so soft works theres all kinds can someone please help me send me a link

Anonymous has all types and prices.


We are getting ready to try sss it says original! The original it highlighted in white and says double delight foam bath. We have a Maltese and 3 cats so we will see here in just a few minutes!


that is rubbish skin so soft dose not work ye are just trying to promote it


Do you water the Skin So Soft down when spraying on animals & furniture?? My animals have fleas & I can not afford flea medicine at this time,.,whch is very costly!!


it is the avon sss original BATH OIL. it's in a translucent bottle with bluish teal colored words. It comes in 24 oz and 16.9 oz and also in a smaller spray bottle.


OMG i tried it immediately on my socks which had about 5 fleas they died instantly and have not come back on my socks. I sprayed the cat and the dogs and they didn't give me a hard time like they do with the chemical sprays! I plan on getting more and doing the whole house! Thanks for reminding me about Skin So Soft it really works!


skin so soft will work for repelling a lot of insects because it contains jojoba oil which has been used for a long time as a natural insect repellant. The mineral oil helps to suffocate and kill on contact.


would it be harmful for my dog to taste the skin so soft ?


Is it harmful if they lick it off.

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