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I found that a product called skin so soft that is exclusively from Avon works wonders.....I applied to my dogs 2 times a week right after bath, good for skin and fur too...kills almost immediately

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I use Skin So soft, diluted 5 to 1 with water. My youngest dog has very dry skin and it has done well, it does keep the gnats and mosquitoes at bay and fleas on the cats and 1 dog, but the other one, it's not helping much with the fleas on him. We are in the middle of going from product to product. I do spray it on their bedding, and on myself. Be cautious on leathers, suedes etc. because it is an oil based product.


Sorry, one more thing, I use a spray bottle, take the dogs outside, spray liberally then massage into fur.

Susie Wilson

The original Avon Skin-So-Soft (the blue one). We use it on us, why not our animals. You can order it on-line, email me at and I'll send you a link.


is this the right one Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Wash


So basically all you need to do is purchase a skin so soft bath oil (it's blue)and place it into any spray bottle. Add a good portion of water and mix well. Make sure your dog has showered so he or she is clean. Spray all around your dogs fur and comb it thoroughly to allow the oil to go deep inside your dogs fur. I hope this helped.


Is this an avon product? I am going crazy with my dog's ticks and I don't know how to get it. Can you tell me the exact Skin so soft product that you used? I guess there are a lot of product named skin - so - soft, isd this the lotion, perfume or body wash??


Does anyone not see a problem with this remedy? Insecticides didn't kill the fleas but skin so soft did! Weeeeee!

Especially on cats who will lick it off and ingest all the nasty stuff in that product. Just because it's not 'flea medicine' doesn't make it safe or natural.


There must be a lot of AV0N marketers out there because I had heard of this Skin-So-Soft mosquito & flea repellent for decades, so I tried it.
After getting bitten just like I used nothing, I threw the 3/4 full bottle in the trash and went back to DEET based repellents because they actually work and repel those irritants, unlike these money-making schemes.


I have not tried sss on my dogs for fleas but I have used it on my horses for years and also on myself for mosqitoes and fleas in the house when infested. People need to realize however that all ppl and animals have different body chemistry and therefore what works on person A may not work for person B. No reason to be hateful of the people that this product works for and assume they are money marketing schemers.


I have two Papillions and I had tried everything as was tired of putting chemicals on them so, I tried the SSS (the kind you put in your bath) I poured a little bit in my hands, rubbed them together and rubbed it all over into their coats taking care not to get it on their private parts or in their eyes. They both stopped scratch almost at the same time. I didn't give them a bath, I just put it on. I will also order a spray bottle of SSS and spray my home and will use a flee and tick chemical outside. I can say that so far it really works. I just couldn't stand to see them scratching and suffering anymore.

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