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I found that a product called skin so soft that is exclusively from Avon works wonders.....I applied to my dogs 2 times a week right after bath, good for skin and fur too...kills almost immediately

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I was just thinking of using Skin So Soft as I know that it works for misquotes when we have gone camping on Humans- style did you use the spray or lotion? did your dog want to like it off?
how much did you use?

Thanks for you help- EMF for Sunnyvale,CA


I was going crazy with ticks on my dog and on my room. I use insectiside and did not kill them all, but I used the oid Skin so soft as you suggested and the ticks are kill almost inmediatly. I also sprayed in my room it worked wonders. Thank you so much.


Hi. Having the same problem with fleas on my dogs and cats and in our home. Can you use it on cats too. And how did you spray your room. Did it work on furniture. Thanks.


I use skin so soft on my dog, cat, my son,and me it works! For all types of bugs it prevents us getting bit while outside and it killed and prevented fleas to get on my animals. We also just had some issues with fleas ( I had used flea meds and still got fleas on my animals and in my house Ive switched back to skin so soft) so I used it on my furniture including our mattress and it kill the fleas on there and no more got back on


Oh yeah I use the oil in a spray bottle to spray on us the animals and the furniture


Primary ingredient in Skin So Soft is mineral oil. This is ALSO what Baby Oil is. Or, you can get plain mineral oil - fragrance-free - if there are sensitivities to perfumes.


Also, mineral oil is great for killing ear mites. Basically, it suffocates them.


Does spraying the oil on yr couch not hurt it?


I never thought about Skin So Soft on my animals....It does work on us so why not the animals...An I do have

Mary V

I have a couple of questions when using skin so soft on cats, do you spray it on them or do I put it on my hands and rub them into their fur

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