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I have experienced also a very bad odor, I don't know how to get rid of these bad smell..but I've realized one thing I didn't try...first try to soak all your clothes the one that has sleeves on white vinegar for altleast 30 minutes...then wash it with any detergent...then for your self get 1 cloves of garlic and smashes it well then get the juice of the garlic and apply under your armpit, let it stay there for overnight, after when you are ready to take a shower just rub it with wash clothes..example baby wipe...then, use any herbal soap and use that to remove the smell of the garlic...use these every other day...i know u can feel sting but this will get rid of your body odor...thanks

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Using smashed garlic in your armpit will make your body hot, as if you have fever.


No frikin' way! I will do a lot but not this medeval sounding process, no thanks. It sounds like substituting one odor for another.

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