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This is going to sound weird but it has worked twice for me two separate teeth. Commonly, a toothache is an infection in type tooth or gum. Try to create a vacume or suction on that tooth. The suction we can make with our mouths and tongue can be pretty powerful. I had two toothaches that were so bad my ear got infected as well. I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear a few times (do at your own risk & do not do if u could have a punctured ear drum) and sucked on that tooth whenever I could remember. Even after it stopped aching. At times I could feel the infection rising up outta the tooth! Hope this helps!

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You saved me with this My tooth was killing me I took everything in my house. When I tried this I was in WOW my tooth ache stopped hurting I fell asleep like a baby! Thank you so much....


It works as long as you keep sucking.also you are rigt you can feel infection coming out of the affected to gross lol Thanks dude


My tooth was almost better and I did this, now I.wanna die it was so painful. This has to be the worst idea ever


I tried it and thanks for the tip it worked for me.


damn it does hurt


I would not recommend that at all. I did that once for a very, very minor discomfort on a molar. Well I wanted to pull it out myself (would have if had had some tools). That must have been the most horrible painful feeling I have experienced.


That's basically what the dentist told me to do, he called it 'chewing water.' My tooth is in a very awkward spot so I haven't had much luck with sucking on it (hard to create suction because it's the furthest back tooth). I just wanted to post that this is the remedy the dentist gave me. It does hurt but if it works it can't be a whole lot worse than the toothache itself!

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